Monday, April 2, 2012

IBM Expands Analytics and Cloud Capabilities to Accelerate Smarter Computing for the Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

IBM announced to the local market new server solutions designed to expand cloud and analytics capabilities across its entire portfolio, helping make Smarter Computing a reality for small, medium enterprises (SMEs). 

The new offerings include high-performance systems, networking and software products aimed at helping clients optimize data center operations with flexible, easy-to-deploy solutions to help reduce complexity, lower costs and deliver rapid return on investments. 

Today, clients are looking for solutions that help them handle specific business challenges and make better use of existing IT infrastructures.  More and more clients are turning to cloud computing, analytics and other smarter computing solutions to help their businesses grow.  Cloud computing deployments are expected to grow more than 19% per year, according to IDC (1), and a recent IBM CIO study (2) showed cloud implementations nearly doubling from 33% to 60% over the last two years. 

"From the design of the servers, software and services, IBM solutions are created to help accelerate the journey to Smarter Computing,” said Ireen Catane, Country Executive for Systems and Technology Group, IBM Philippines.  “IBM is delivering easy-to-deploy cloud and analytics solutions to help mid-sized clients across the nation align their businesses to manage unprecedented amounts of data, and become much more efficient at turning that information into timely business insights.” 

Among the solutions introduced is a new version of IBM's BladeCenter Foundation for Cloud (BCFC), an integrated virtualization platform with built-in system management and preconfigured with servers, storage, and networking. BladeCenter Foundation for Cloud is now powered by the new generation of IBM BladeCenter HS23 systems that offer 62% more compute power, and comes integrated with the new 10GbE Virtual Fabric technology that enables clients to run 20% more virtual machines, creating an optimal environment for building and deploying advanced cloud applications.   

The increased bandwidth and up to four times more memory allows the HS23 to support faster data transfers that are essential to virtualized cloud and analytic workloads.  In addition, IBM FastSetup for BladeCenter, a cost and time-saving console application can help clients reduce from days to hours the time it takes to complete large deployments.   

IBM SmartCloud Solutions for Mid-sized Clients 

IBM also introduced new and affordable SmartCloud solutions powered by its latest IBM System x 3650 M4 server, the most expandable, upgradeable system of its kind.  The x3650 M4 demonstrated excellent performance on industry-standard benchmarks. It achieved a leadership two-processor score for SPECvirt_sc2010 benchmark (3), set a new record for two-processor server performance on TPC-E (4), more than 45% faster than the previous-generation result achieved by the HP ProLiant DL380 G7 server (5), and a leadership two-processor result on Windows on two-tier SAP SD standard application benchmark. (6) 

The System x 3650 M4 also comes with IBM eXFlash solid-state storage technology, bringing exclusive IBM enterprise-class storage capability to a two-socket rack server. The SSD technology enables 30 times more performance and a 90% increase in performance per watt for consolidating collaboration and database workloads.  In addition, the new x3650 M4 system supports the IBM Smarter Analytics portfolio of offerings, a set of compact, integrated, single-analytics offerings supported by storage-dense System x two-socket systems running IBM InfoSphere Data Warehouse and Cognos business intelligence and performance management software. 

IBM's new portfolio of x86 computing solutions also include: 

·        The IBM System x iDataPlex dx360 M4, which offers significant flexibility for supporting a wide range of high-performance computing workloads.  The system is designed for datacenters requiring high performance with limited floor space, and power and cooling infrastructure.  Available with specially designed exclusive IBM warm water-cooled technology, this iDataPlex system is up to 40 percent more energy efficient than air-cooled systems, recovering 90 percent of heat per nodes. 
·        The IBM System x 3550 M4, a dense, feature-rich 1U server designed for data and business critical workloads, and theIBM System x3500 M4 tower that provides data center performance in a desktop package.  The x3550 delivers four times more memory, more virtual machines, and improved networking performance in less space at a comparable price.  The x3500 also offers four times the memory, plus 33% more storage capacity than prior generations. It is designed for quiet operation and fits easily under a desk or rack, making it ideal for office environments. 

·        IBM Feature on Demand across the IBM System x product line. Feature on Demand allows clients to activate or unlock features in the firmware or software on demand, providing customers the ability to grow their systems as they grow their businesses without the need for costly rip and replace. 

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