Tuesday, December 13, 2016

PLDT Home Fibr reaches 2.5M homes nationwide,widest fiber coverage in PH

PLDT is the leading telecommunications and digital services provider in the Philippines. Through its principal business groups – fixed line, wireless and others – PLDT offers a wide range of telecommunications and digital services across the Philippines’ most extensive fiber optic backbone, and fixed line and cellular networks and now PLDT Home Fibr, the nation’s most powerful broadband from leading telco and digital services provider PLDT, now passes over 2.5 million homes from as far north as Ilocos Norte to southern Philippines in South Cotabato province, further extending its widest fiber coverage in the country.

“As a result of our aggressive rollout program, PLDT now has over 140,000 kilometers of fiber optic cables, the most extensive fiber infrastructure in the country. This enables us to serve the increasing demand for high-speed broadband from homes across the country,” PLDT Chairman and CEO Manuel V. Pangilinan said.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Tech companies combine forces to ward off ransomware in government IT systems

Eastern Communications, the country’s pioneering communications service provider, gathered government IT experts to update and prepare them for the latest threats to the country’s cybersecurity.

Participants to the Altitude 2.0 Solutions Forum were oriented on the rising incidence of ransomware—a malware designed to capture data and leave it unrecoverable, except by a decryption key held by attackers for ransom.
An alliance for cybersecurity. Government information officers team up with Eastern Communications to protect the people’s data.