Saturday, April 6, 2013

SMBs prefer Globe Business as solutions provider

Business transactions across the globe the world have become increasingly dependent on telecoms technology—for reaching out to their markets, for spreading information about products and services, and for exchanging critical information and closing deals with partners. This has also brought the level of competition between businesses into new territory: if your competitor is benefiting from telecoms technology, are you keeping up, falling behind, or moving forward?

For Filipino entrepreneurs who are more dependent on texting to conduct business, Globe Business offers Business Plus Plan Zero. This plan allows text-savvy entrepreneurs to choose from several options that let them maximize the text-messaging service at a lower cost. They can choose from Business Plus Plan Zero services like 300 Local Texts (P100), Unli Text (P200), or Unlitext All (P600).

Globe Business is the preferred network provider of SMBs today because it provides telecoms solutions at the next level, especially those designed to help drive growth, efficiency, and cost-savings for SMBs.

Globe Business empowers entrepreneurs so that they can do business from wherever they are. Through Globe Business solutions, they can have more time with their families while still retaining that important sense of security and control over business operations.