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SMBs prefer Globe Business as solutions provider

Business transactions across the globe the world have become increasingly dependent on telecoms technology—for reaching out to their markets, for spreading information about products and services, and for exchanging critical information and closing deals with partners. This has also brought the level of competition between businesses into new territory: if your competitor is benefiting from telecoms technology, are you keeping up, falling behind, or moving forward?

For Filipino entrepreneurs who are more dependent on texting to conduct business, Globe Business offers Business Plus Plan Zero. This plan allows text-savvy entrepreneurs to choose from several options that let them maximize the text-messaging service at a lower cost. They can choose from Business Plus Plan Zero services like 300 Local Texts (P100), Unli Text (P200), or Unlitext All (P600).

Globe Business is the preferred network provider of SMBs today because it provides telecoms solutions at the next level, especially those designed to help drive growth, efficiency, and cost-savings for SMBs.

Globe Business empowers entrepreneurs so that they can do business from wherever they are. Through Globe Business solutions, they can have more time with their families while still retaining that important sense of security and control over business operations.

“Telecoms technology is a pervasive reality today, whether for consumers or for businesses. This technology can be a tool for productivity and advancement but what is not always obvious is that it is also a great equalizer. Even if you are just a small or medium business, knowing how to use telecoms technology to your benefit can help you grow your business despite larger competition,” said Manny Escosa, Globe Business Marketing Head for Corporate and SME Segments.

Of course, maximizing the advantages of telecoms technology is dependent on the reliability and quality of the services from one’s telecoms network provider. This is where SMBs experience the difference when it comes to choosing and sticking with a particular provider.

“There are several qualities that SMBs look for in a preferred network provider. Over the years, while we were designing our solutions for small and medium businesses, we’ve met with a lot of SMBs all over the country to listen to their needs so that we could ensure that we could truly offer them what they need. Based on the response we’ve had from the SMB sector, we’re happy to say that so far, we’ve been able to provide for them what they need and even more,” said Escosa.

As the preferred network provider of SMBs today, Globe Business has made great strides in taking telecoms solutions to the next level, especially those that are designed to help drive growth, efficiency, and cost-savings for SMBs. Escosa explained the process that went on with Globe Business to achieve this status.

Listening to the market. “The first lesson we can share is that you have to listen to what your customers need. When we were starting to create our solutions for SMBs, that’s practically all that we did at first: we met with them and simply talked about how we could help them.

“Some needs seem obvious already—for example, SMBs would naturally want a telecoms provider that offers quality, reliable services at an affordable rate. Eventually, however, small and medium business owners pointed out certain needs that we, on our own, would not have guessed.

“For example, we realized after our talks with SMBs, that they have a dilemma when it comes to two of their greatest passions. On one hand, SMB owners want a lot, a lot of control over running their businesses. They feel that everything is on their shoulders—and so they’re always working hard. At the same time they find great fulfillment in doing this—running the business is their passion,” Escosa said.

This passion for business often conflicts with another great passion among SMB owners: their love for family.

“So many of the SMB owners we spoke to kept telling us, ‘I’m always working. I’m always hands-on in my business because I need to be. But I just wish I had more time for my family and myself.’ This shows that entrepreneurs have a yearning to enjoy the other important aspects of their lives—those that give them joy from the inside. But at the same time, they also need to feel that even when they leave the office to be with their families, or to go on holiday, they are still in control of the business. That they can still take care of business even when they’re on-the-go,” said Escosa.

As a result, Globe Business was able to factor in this need of entrepreneurs into their solutions. “That’s one of our most important considerations in designing solutions—we want to empower entrepreneurs so that they can do business from wherever they are, as long as there’s a Globe network signal. Now, they can enjoy time with their families while still retaining that important sense of security and control,” he explained.

Customized products, services. Escosa said that their talks with Filipino entrepreneurs helped them design products and services that are customizable to fit the needs of all types of SMBs.

“You will notice now that the trend of our offerings in Globe Business is customization. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to helping entrepreneurs and SMBs. Some businesses still rely heavily on their landlines. Others depend more on texting. Still others prefer to make a lot of voice calls while others are very dependent on the Internet. And of course, there are other combinations in-between these,” he explained.

This is why Globe Business now has a portfolio of services that combine various services at various rates—all the more suitable for different types of SMBs. For example, a business that relies on its landline may need to boost its features due to the changing times.

In this case, an SMB may wish to get unlimited landline calls to Globe Handyphone and TM for additional P99 on their monthly plan for direct line and broadband bundle service. This offer is valid until April 12, 2013 only.

Or an SMB may wish to get a Business Plus Plan Zero for wireless postpaid plan. This package of mobile services sets no pre-determined plan of features and charges to postpaid subscribers. Instead, a subscriber may choose a combination of services that best fits his or her needs. For example, if an SMB uses a lot of voice calls, it may choose to avail of any of the following: Unli Call (P300), Duo (P399), Super Duo (P499) or 100 Local Calls (P400).
There are also other Business Plus Plan Zero options for those who are more dependent on texting messages: 300 Local Texts (P100), Unli Text (P200) or Unlitext All (P600).

Cost-effective. As Globe Business solutions became more customized, the rates of products and services also became flexible and adjustable. “Combining customized products with flexible and adjustable rates is an effective way for an SMB to enjoy services it urgently needs while keeping costs down,” said Escosa

For example, Business Plus Plan Zero has no pre-set plan charge but it has services that make it even more cost-effective. An SMB who uses Globe landline and mobile phone networks on a day-to-day basis can choose Super Duo (P499) for unlimited calls between Globe landlines and Globe mobile phones.

“Keeping communications costs down increases profitability and drives growth for SMBs. We at Globe Business know this so we always find ways to help,” said Escosa.

Innovation. Innovation is a key component of Globe Business solutions, said Escosa.  “When it comes to telecoms, new technologies, new ideas, and new ways of doing things need to come together. Only then can you find the best solutions.”

One example of innovation from Globe Business is its Globe Business PayrollCloud service. Essentially, Globe Business Payroll Cloud is a computerized payroll system. It eliminates inconvenience and stress that result from the old, tedious, repetitive, and error-prone manual payroll system.

What makes Globe Business PayrollCloud innovative is that the system is stored and operated in what is called, “The Cloud”--a network of highly-secure, highly-reliable servers. The subscriber is able to store, modify, and operate the payroll system in The Cloud using the Web as access channel.

A larger corporation usually spends hundreds of thousands of pesos to set up a computerized payroll system. With Globe Business PayrollCloud, however, an SMB will only spend a fraction of that amount.

“It’s not just the technology that is innovative here but also the terms of service. Essentially, Globe Business PayrollCloud is similar to a utility. Consumers only pay a monthly fee to the electric company or to the water company for what they consume monthly at home. It’s the water or electric company that invested in, operates, and maintains the entire infrastructure that provides the service.

“In Globe Business PayrollCloud, we invested in the Cloud technology and infrastructure. Our subscribers only need to pay a minimal monthly fee to use the technology and infrastructure. In return, they get a fully-computerized, efficient, secure and reliable payroll system—that they can access wherever they have an Internet connection,”  Escosa explained. 

Escosa added that Globe Business is always at the forefront of designing solutions that make business better for SMBs. “That’s our commitment to them.” 

Learn more about why Globe Business is the preferred solutions provider of Small and Medium Businesses by consulting with a Globe account manager at a Globe Store near you; by visiting or calling +632 730-1010.

Globe Business is the corporate arm of Globe Telecom, the leading mobile telecommunications company in the Philippines. Globe Business provides wireless and wireline solutions for a diverse set of industries, businesses, and commercial enterprises. It assures SMBs of affordable, reliable, and dependable services for all communication needs, both wireless and wireline solutions, to generate the highest possible profit at the lowest possible cost.

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