Friday, April 20, 2012

DELL : The Power to do! more

DELL, launch its new models of different computer parts and operating system happened April 16, 2012 10:30am at Megatrade hall leaded by Mr. Richard Jusay, Product Support Engineer.  These are: net book & desktop, printer, monitor, peripherals, servers (power edge), storage (power vault), projectors, monitors, networking.
The seminar was started through the lead of Mr. Richard Jusay followed by a greeting of the manager of the net books and desktop. Before the talk start a notepad was given to the early birds as a price. And discussions were followed; Mr. Jusay presented the Dell Product portfolio through a power point with approximately 200 slides. He discusses it fast and clear, questions were entertained politely and it was answered honestly and clearly. A part of the talk is once in a while question and whoever answers will get a price: a cute and useful notepad, and dry-fit t-shirt. As we reach 12pm, yummy lunch was served, by 1pm the seminar was resumed. The afternoon was started by a game-Pinoy Henyo game and the word to be guess: Halo-halo. And the discussions were followed.

Dell solutions are designed for different users; the seminar was highlight to the Vostro was made for the big ideas for small business that aims to accelerate the small business through doing more things in a limited time. 
Before I attended the seminar I was afraid that I might not come up with the topic since Im really not particular with the operating system or whatever computer terminologies, but Mr. Jusay deliver the seminar with basic first and friendly terminologies, once in a while he will asked if were familiar with these terms then he will explain. Enough reason that buying products from Dell will make me feel 
As a business student, I’ve been looking for portable, and user-friendly net book and I finally found it- Dell net book, perfect for a college student like me! There is a video shown that the Dell net book is waterproof, perfect for a clumsy girl like me, even if I accidentally slip water through my hand to the Dell net book, worry free! It is also shown in the video that even you stand on the top of Dell net book it won’t break because it is protected of metal, so even I put my things or sit on the top of the Dell net book, no problem, and another check for a careless girl! Dell net book is very portable of its 12.5” inches, good thing for a student; don’t need to bring a large bag together with the books. Very techy-Dell net book-an advantage from the other net book because its gesture touch pad; you just need to program it and enjoy! This Dell net book has its different port like: HDM port, 3.0 USB port, Esata port. Wow! I can borrow may any drives! It also has our favorite colors-silver, red, and white, perfect not just for students! This Vestro net book has its different model: 3350 with 13’3 inch 3450/3550 with 14 and 15’6 inch and V131, 13 inches with 1.5 kg. It also has my favorite feature webcam with 2.0 mp and a digital microphone. I can detach and assemble it without tools.  
These products makes life easier do more things in less time. If we could just have actual practice of these products, I might have taken home one!

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