Wednesday, March 28, 2012

IBM Creates Comprehensive Solutions Portal for Small and Medium Businesses

IBM recently launched a Smarter Office portal ( to help small and medium enterprises build on their existing IT infrastructure to meet further business growth or future expansion plans.

“Current challenging business environment has resulted in a growing myriad of mission-critical issues that need to be considered carefully. In this portal, organizations can take a self assessment via the IBM Smarter Office Advisor. This web-based diagnostic tool has been designed specifically to help organization’s identify personalized path to gaining maximum value from existing and future IT infrastructure. The questionnaire will help assess pain points and recommend solutions based on the IBM Solution Mapping,” said Chestnut Andaya, Country Manager for General Business, IBM Philippines.

The assessment tool is segmented into 4 main sections:

1. Understanding the company - industry, company size, role in company

2. Knowing the plans - setting up new office, adding branches, moving to next level of tech adoption

3. Identifying the challenges - possible questions: lack of formalized processes, no automated backup, Inability to estimate storage needs

4. IBM’s recommended solutions - Storage Management, Business Intelligence, Collaboration, Database Software, etc.
Upon completion of the assessment, organizations would have a better understanding on how to maximize the value of existing infrastructure for growth and minimize growth pains.  Three valuable white papers would also be available for downloading.
The IBM eShop featured in the portal provides organizations several options to contact an IBM seller: via a toll free number, online chat, email, and quick note.

The IBM Smart Office portal’s development is currently on its second phase.  It now includes a section on volume offers where organizations can make bulk purchases at special promotional prices, and a social media page focused on small and medium enterprise solutions.

For more information, please call the IBM eShop at 1-800-1888-1526 or visit

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