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IBM Philippines ranked #1 in Overall Server Revenue Share for Q4 2011

IBM announced today that the company retained its leadership position in terms of overall server revenue market share in the Philippines, with a 42.5%, a strong 18.4 points of share higher than the next closest competitor for Q4 2011.

IBM was also the number one ranked vendor in terms of revenue market share in the Philippines in Q4 2011 for: 

Ø X86 server segment with a 31.9% revenue share (a satisfactory 2.1 points lead over the next closest competitor)
Ø High-end Enterprise ($250k+ servers) segment with an impressive 100% revenue share
Ø The combined total of RISC and EPIC server segment IBM captured 70.2% revenue share (a stellar 51.6 points higher than the next closest competitor)
Ø Nonx86 Unix server revenue share at 64.7% (a strong 42.7 points higher than the next closest competitor)
Ø Linux server revenue share at 41.7% (a steady 18.6 points higher than the next closest competitor
Ø $10k+ server segment with an effective 53.4% (a compelling 27.1 points higher than the next closest competitor
Ø Blades (x86) space with a 40.9% revenue share, significant as IBM managed to reclaim this segment back

“IBM’s success in the Philippines and the rest of ASEAN is attributed to the company’s continued investments on systems and technologies that matter to our customers leading to the successful roll-out of the Smarter Computing concept, said Ireen Catane, Country Executive for Systems & Technology Group, IBM Philippines. “As a growth market, the Philippines is in a good position to reap the benefits of a Smarter Computing architecture, wherein local clients can gain actionable insights from data, increase IT capacity and deliver new services faster to create profitable business opportunities.”

IBM introduced its 
Smarter Computing approach to information technology last year as a way for organizations to realize greater efficiencies, improved reliability, and better performance, and all, at lower costs. The strategy centers around three fundamental aspects: leveraging analytics to exploit vast amounts of data for business goals; utilizing optimized systems that are designed for specific tasks; and managing as much of the IT as possible with cloud-computing technologies.

IBM Leadership in ASEAN server and storage market

IBM also announced a sustained leadership momentum within the Server market in ASEAN, grabbing revenue market share leadership according to leading IT market research and advisory firm, IDC.

As reported in IDC’s Asia/Pacific Quarterly Server Tracker 4Q 2011, IBM wrested control of the leading position in the overall ASEAN server market from HP, in terms of market revenue, with a 40% market share, a strong 9 points higher than second placed vendor. IBM’s sustained achievement was a result of the deep market acceptance and preference for the IBM Power Systems™ and System z servers. 

IBM earned its continued top spot in the high-end enterprise ($250+) server segment, capturing a 70% revenue share in Q4 2011 (a powerful 45 points higher than the next closest competitor), through positive industry-wide reception of its new server, the z114, a powerful version of the IBM zEnterprise System. Due to new technologies, the z114 extends the mainframe's innovation and unique qualities to more growth-hungry organizations, especially those here in ASEAN. These organizations are faced with ever-increasing torrents of data and want smarter computing systems that help them operate efficiently, better understand customer behavior and needs, optimize decisions in real time, while needing those that reduce risk and cost less, through dramatic savings on floor space and energy.

IBM was also named as the top vendor in the RISC/EPIC server market by revenue, with a 53.1% share (a steady 25.7 points higher than the next closest competitor). IBM’s number one position in the RISC/EPIC server market was a result of extensive customer wins, including LANDBANK of the Philippines, a government financial institution, who achieved operational efficiency and carbon footprint reduction by consolidating production workloads onto optimized IBM POWER Systems, by repurposing workloads which reduced physical space and minimized energy usage. Another breakthough win in the educational space was at Maranatha Christian University (MCU), a leading private university in West Java, Indonesia which implemented IBM POWER7 servers to run the company's SAP ERP systems, allowing them to integrate their business processes, improve performance, increase utilization and lower overall operating costs. 

IBM also grabbed the market leadership for ASEAN in the External Disc storage market, capturing a compelling 26% of the revenue share market for 4Q 2011, an increased 4.6 points more than the nearest competitor. IBM were also top in the Midrange External Disk Storage space for ASEAN with a compelling 25% market share by revenue, and in the High End External Disk Storage space with a forceful 41.7% market share by revenue. This leadership position will be further cemented by IBM’s recent launch of new industry-strength offerings such as the Storwize V7000 Unified, a midrange disk system providing efficiency and simplicity to data by enabling virtualization, consolidation, and tiering in mid-sized organizations, the new IBM XIV Storage System Gen3, which can improve performance of demanding application workloads such as virtualisation, analytics and cloud computing, and the improved version of IBM System Storage DS8000, with greater performance and improved capacity optimization capabilities, able to manage diverse workloads efficiently without administrator involvement. 

IBM also claimed leadership spots in the non-X86 Unix server revenue share with 55.8% (a significant 31.8 points higher than the next closest competitor); and in the Volume Server ($10k) market revenue share with 49.7% (a steady 23.7 points higher than the closest competitor).

Said Phong Taylor, Vice President, Systems & Technology Group, IBM ASEAN, "We are proud to again confirm our leadership position, which validates the value of our smarter computing initiative, by leveraging IBM's strengths in the key areas of big data and analytics integration, optimized systems and cloud computing. This recognition of IBM’s leadership in the ASEAN Server space substantiates our ongoing strategy of helping transforming businesses, deploy the most advanced technologies to attain efficiency, innovation and future growth.” She continued, “We are confident that our upcoming sequel to IBM’s Smarter Planet initiative, where a new era of computing, consisting of a series of systems that will have “integrated expertise” built in will further cement our leadership. These new systems will combine IBM’s semiconductor, research and services advances in an integrated system, that will not only reduce the total cost of IT by making it possible for fewer administrators to manage a greater number of physical and virtual servers, but also make it possible for IT organizations to “right-size” their IT investments by utilizing shared cloud resources to process peak application workloads."

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